impact padding

Sports Hall Safety Pads

red pillar padding feature

Safety Padding for School Halls.
Safety Padding Issue.
Recently we were asked to provide a safety padding solution to ensure that the children in a Dublin school hall would not hurt themselves by falling, or running into, two large support beams in a multi-purpose sports hall.

The schools problems were easily solved with our wrap around impact padding, a quick, cost effective solution…

Floodlight Safety Padding, Co. Waterford

Football Club Safety Padding

Villa Football Club, Waterford City
Recently we made a floodlight post pad for Villa Football Club inWaterfordCity.

The floodlight pole was a bit too close to the side line of the football pitch so the brief was to pad the post to ensure that wayward players would not hurt themselves should the collide with the post.

The floodlight was tight up against a fence so we decided to make t…

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