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Floodlight Safety Padding, Co. Waterford

Football Club Safety Padding

Villa Football Club, Waterford City
Recently we made a floodlight post pad for Villa Football Club inWaterfordCity.

The floodlight pole was a bit too close to the side line of the football pitch so the brief was to pad the post to ensure that wayward players would not hurt themselves should the collide with the post.

The floodlight was tight up against a fence so we decided to make t…

Radiator Safety padding for Co. Kildare School.

The Phone Call.
Recently we received a call from a school in Kildare who had an issue with radiators in the school general purpose room.

In the hall there were several radiators with sharp metal corners which posed a significant risk, if a child fell into or against the radiators serious injuries would undoubtedly occur.

We were asked to provide a safety padding solution to ensure that if…

Column and Pillar Safety Padding

Column and Pillar Safety Padding.
In the sports hall pictured there were a number of “I” Beams projecting into the hall around 200mm. While these “I” Beams were not directly on the court the beams were a significant danger to the users of the hall.
Our Task.
Our brief was to design, manufacture and install safety padding to fit directly onto these 3 sided beams and provide the maximum…

Welcome to Safety Padding Ireland

Website Imminent Launch September 2012.

Our new website is due to be redesigned by 14/9/2012. We have given the layout, design and usability of our new website a good deal of thought; it should be easier to navigate, download information and request site visits.

If you are an School Teacher/Principal, Sports Facilities Manager, Business Owner/Manager please feel free to contact us. W…

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